About Inner Work Counseling and Bryon Sabatino, MC, LPC, LISAC Counselor

About Bryon Sabatino, MC, LPC, LISAC   – Phoenix Arizona area Substance Abuse Counselor

After years of outreach, residential, hospital, agency and corporate based settings, I decided to create my own facility which better suited the way I wanted to provide counseling services for addictions including drug addiction and alcohol abuse and substance abuse.

So in the spring of 2002 I put my intentions in motion. My goal was to inspire people in the Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe and Mesa Arizona areas with excellent professional treatment for substance abuse in a non-institutional setting. I brainstormed and planned for a small, warm, welcoming atmosphere in which to provide personable counseling services in a safe and intimate setting.

With seemingly insurmountable challenges both personally and professionally, I simply committed to the process and kept my eyes on the prize. It required many frightening choices and overwhelming risks along the way, but on March 3rd 2003 I opened my door for the first time. The challenges continued, and still do, but the rewards are indisputable.

photoThe name, Inner-Work Counseling, was inspired by Robert Johnson, a Jungian psychoanalyst, who in a conversation with the famous psychiatrist, Carl Jung, once asked him if he thought we are going to make it as a human race. Dr. Jung replied, “If enough people do their inner work.” Our challenges aren’t so different – everyday requires choices, healthy risks and support, regardless of our individual stories.

I earned my Bachelors degree in Social Work at Southern Illinois University in 1983 and my Masters degree in counseling at Arizona State University in 1987. I hold two professional licenses. I am licensed as a Professional Counselor (LPC) of mental health issues, i.e. depression, anxiety etc. I am also licensed as an Independent Substance Abuse Counselor (LISAC). I have specialized in the treatment of co-occurring disorders since 1984. A co-occurring disorder is when someone suffers from a mental health issue, like depression etc. at the same time as a substance abuse issue, like Alcoholism or drug abuse or addiction.

Among other attributes, I like to use humor as an integral part of the seriousness of Counseling. Through my casual professionalism, I bring an ease of rapport to my therapeutic relationships with people.

Over the past 14 years Inner-Work Counseling has enjoyed the confidence of receiving referrals from many Substance Abuse Treatment Centers including Sierra Tuscon, Calvary, Cottonwood, Banner Health, Aurora Behavioral and multiple others.

Collaborative Services

Your substance use may have been a way to help you deal with past painful experiences.You may have learned to use substances to deal with traumatic events in your life, such as emotional, physical or sexual abuse, just to name a few. I know how confusing and overwhelming those experiences can be, especially when you are working at staying sober.

With this in mind, I can coordinate your care through our collaboration with several of my colleagues in my office as well as others within our community.

Onsite Referrals:

Sarah Jenkins, MC, LPC, CPsychol is an on-site EMDRIA approved EMDR Training Provider, EMDR Consultant and EMDR Therapist with 15+ experience in healing trauma through EMDR. An international speaker, author and trainer, on trauma recovery, Sarah also specializes in providing Equine Assisted EMDR services..To learn more about what EMDR therapy is and how it can help, visit her website or call her directly at (480) 370-7630.

Maxine Norris, LCSW works with adolescents, adults, couples and groups with training in  training in Gestalt therapy, yoga, poetry and her own practice of mindfulness. From an early age, Maxine has been interested in the mysteries of life and the human experience. She felt a call to work with people in her early 20’s.  You will find her therapeutic work to be flavored by poetry, music, spontaneity, creativity, conscious breathing, humor and special practice. Visit her website to learn more.

Learn more about Inner-Work Counselings Intensive Outpatient program here or contact me directly here.