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Mindfulness-Based Recovery (from anything) Master Class

Do you want something better for your life?

Beginning in the autumn of 2021, after 21 years of service, Inner-Work Counseling’s Mindfulness-Based Intensive Outpatient Program for substance use disorders and co-occurring disorders will transition into a less intensive model; a generic Mindfulness-Based Recovery (from anything) Master Class for the full range of common issues i.e. trauma, anxiety, depression, obsessive/compulsive issues, ADHD, Bi-Polar, anger management issues, substance use issues, emotion dis-regulation, emotional/over eating, co-dependency, relationship issues, gambling issues and so on – or simply for self-enrichment and personal growth in general.

It will meet once a week on Wednesdays from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. Insurance will not be accepted.  The out of pocket cost will be $45.00 per group session due before or at the time of each group session in cash or check only –  (ordering bank checks is easy.) Receipts can be submitted to your insurance company for reimbursement.

The group will meet virtually on the Zoom platform. We will practice formal meditation each week and the workbook I’ve written on mindfulness-based approaches to self-enrichment will be used in each group session as an integral part of our practice.

For those of you in EMDR therapy for trauma, this group will serve as an excellent resource for phase II of your treatment; the preparation/stabilization phase, augmenting your ability to tolerate and skillfully work with thoughts, emotions, behaviors and relationships.

* Please Note: For SEO purposes, throughout my website you may notice a disproportionate number of references to the terms recovery, substance abuse, therapy, alcohol abuse, treatment, drug abuse, addiction, alcoholism, and so on. However my new Master Class is inclusive of all maladaptive behaviors or just simply self-enrichment and personal growth.

Categories of Potentially Maladaptive Issues: (What’s yours?)

Substances – Sugar, junk food, drugs (prescription, over the counter and illicit), alcohol, caffeine, nicotine… (what would you add?)

Behavioral – Television, gossiping, gambling, sexual activities, computer activities, talking, computer gaming, working, frenetic busyness, shopping/spending, dieting, exercise, entertainment, binging/purging/starving, cutting, cleaning, hurry, sports, texting, internet, tweeting… (what would you add?)

Cognitive – Thinking (without even knowing we’re thinking), worrying, drama, chaos, negativity/pessimism, fantasy, catastrophizing, staying “informed” via the news… (what would you add?)

Social – Relationships, sex, romance, abusive relationships, codependency, enabling, submissiveness, approval, dominance, control, stalking, pining for someone… (what would you add?)

Emotional – Anger, rage, fear, dread, anxiety, stress, depression, sadness, loneliness, hurt, guilt, shame, power, hypochondria… (what would you add?)

Through my Four Pillars model and the work book I’ve written, you will learn how this mindfulness-based approach to personal growth increases your awareness of how to more skillfully manage challenging thoughts, emotions, behaviors and relationships. In this small group setting we work with a full-spectrum of common issues through this experiential approach to self-enrichment i.e., trauma, anxiety, depression, compulsive behaviors, substance use, obsessive thinking, emotion regulation skills, over-eating, codependency, sex/love issues and so on… You will learn, through experiential meditation and mindfulness practices, gentle and compassionate ways of evolving out of old, unconscious, habitual and self-defeating patterns of reactivity to the many stressors of your life and develop new, skillful ways of consciously responding to them; increasing your personal experience of peace of mind and contentment; learning how to savor the so-called “ordinary” moments that make up the flow of your life. With a growth mind-set, you will discover the value of cultivating internal rewards through the kind and patient repetition and persistence of this life-time practice.


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