Cinema Therapy for Substance Abuse and Addiction Recovery

Cinema Therapy  for Mental Health, Substance Abuse and Addiction

In Zen Lab, I often use Cinema Therapy concepts to depict the many aspects of the recovery process.

I call it “Reel Therapy” in that film is a powerful art form that often imitates real life. Using characters from movies helps us cultivate the qualities we admire and allows us to employ them in recovery from anything in a number of ways.

Cinema Therapy for recovery helps people go beneath their unconscious defenses and provides fodder for creative solutions to their problems. It reminds us of what we already know but may not be consciously applying to our healing and personal growth. It helps us stretch and change. The power of film helps model traits we have not yet nurtured quite enough. Film can inspire us through its stories of resilience. It helps us aspire to the qualities of the characters that may still lay dormant within us.

Cinema Therapy helps people in recovery from substance abuse, depression, anxiety, addiction, trauma, OCD, ADHD, anger management issues, and so on, invent new scripts, reframe problems, stimulate emotional release, helps prioritize values, offers hope, inspiration and encouragement.

Film helps evoke emotional responses to scenes that bring issues to the conscious level. We can also learn by proxy, by observing the qualities of characters in the story and integrating them into our own repertoire of life skills. Film is also a powerful method of catharsis or emotional release.

Regardless if you are in recovery from trauma, substance abuse and addiction, depression, anxiety or any other issue the power of film is waiting for you.

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