Counseling Services for Substance Abuse, Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Counseling Services

Mindfulness-based Counseling is an experiential process to help people deal with the many forms of stress in their lives; from the general stress of daily living, to the acute stress of dealing with problems like depression, anxiety, bi-polar illness, grief, relationship, codependency, anger management etc.

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If I am an artist and my life is my art, then I already have everything I need.

Quality counseling helps people realize what they already know, creating a sense of empowerment and motivation to deal with life on its own terms. The necessary content of the solutions to people’s problems naturally emerge from the inside, out in a safe and professional setting. Counseling helps people transition away from thinking of life as a problem to be solved, towards experiencing life as a mystery to be embraced. Having made this transition, we begin to skillfully practice life as an art form. By taking radical responsibility for ourselves, we move in the direction we want to take our lives. As we direct our energy and attention to our strengths and positive behaviors, our old patterns change and fall away.

We truly become the author of our own experience.

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques are skillfully blended with other modes of therapy to meet the needs of the individual. Affective therapy is employed to help people reduce and manage emotional pain.

Experiential Meditation is used to accelerate the individual’s awareness of the relationship between their thoughts, emotions, behaviors and ways of relating to others.

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